The kitchen project, day 1, 2 and 3

Sorry for not updating you concerning the kitchen. Pictures will follow fast.

Currently, we are working on the kitchen. Friday, me and my dad did get sheet-rocked plates (NL: Gipsplaten, kudu’s aan, together with the goodies needed to fix those on the old wall. Unfortunately, my dad is also quite busy with his new love, so except for the shopping (kudu’s), there was effectively noone to help with the building.

Yesterday, we got the rest. Some parts of copper for the waterpipes, and I decided that my father-in-law was the person to help. I called him yesterday, and he offered to come today (sunday). I agreed, and kicked out the old kitchenblade (and placed that in the common hallway below at 23:00 ;))

Today, we did make the framework for the sheet-rocked plates, we did cut the sheet-rocked plates so I could hang them with some help in the framework.

So, for tomorrow, we need to go to the construction market, and get the latest tools for the sanitary, and then we’ll have new-year at Martijn’s

Also: I got a new job 🙂 For security-reasons I won’t put the name of it here, but I’m very fond of it. Probably nothing will be posted about my work on my blog (also: for obvious reasons).

For now, I’ll hit the shower.

Edit: the *REAL* kudu’s on the translation are earned by 

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