FreeBSD 7 BETA 4

The backup machine in our local network is currently running the Beta-version of FreeBSD.

FreeBSD is an very nice operating system to work with. It is stable, robust, and has more software available than (e.g.) Debian. Therefor, I will stay with FreeBSD for a time.

Very nice things happening in personal life. For instance: my former employee wants me to return. A very nice option, which I will surely look at. Furthermore: my application at a small security-minded company in Delft is still on the roll.

The full kitchen has arrived! This means that we will be banging at walls, breaking stuff, and then have a new *RED* kitchen to cook in. After that, we will host some more 🙂


For now, I will add my resume. After that, I’ll end my bankaccount at the ABN-Amro. But that is another story 🙂

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