Share the love! (not!)

Couchsurfing should be mostly about love. People in the area surrounding me know that.

Lately, I added our shared (!) account to Brainstorm. Brainstorm is mostly about “how to get couchsurfing better”. Instead of “making it better”, Brainstorm is nowadays mostly about “let’s bash the leadership-team” or “I have some spare energy left, let’s spend it in a very bad way!”.

The latest invention of this group (some of those driven by Open Couch Surfing (.com) was this inventive post.At most, the last line: “I hope this will be quickly resolved. Still, funny how this technical issue coincides with CS’s dodgy legal status.”

Come on! So the fact that 2 webservers have database-connectivity problems is related by “dodgy legal status”? Seems that you want to have a good google rank pal!

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  1. 501 502 503 501(c)3 schreef:

    Maybe I wasn’t clear enough, but ey, 501(c)3 502 503…

  2. DiedX schreef:

    The whole issue is not the 501, but the fact that “dodgy statussus” are mixed up by technics.

    I really love the fact that OCS is born. The whole problem with OCS is that there is that much hatred and agression that the whole OCS-thing is being out of scope.

    Also, OCS has it’s own personal agenda. Some of those want to have OSS, some more financial insight, etc. And that all because of Casey?

  3. Kasper schreef:

    the dodgy legal status of CS is also related to the financial situation. A 501(c)(3) status means paying less tax, and complete transparency (if a politician in San Francisco can make his Quicken books public, in real-time, why not CS?).

    And it’s clear how finances and server issues are related. The time and money Casey spent on partying with Jim (and renting a limo) would have been better invested in server hardware and maintenance.

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  5. daz schreef:

    DiedX wrote :-And that all because of Casey?

    Is there anyone else who makes decisions on couchsurfing when it comes to oss, financial decisions etc ?

  6. DiedX schreef:

    I guess that unless you know (that part about transparancy is true!) how Casey did manage in the past, you simply can’t say anything om webservers and the management.

    Also “[…] addition, after some complaints about this blog post, which is, I contend, a bit silly on its […]” is nothing more or less then an reaction on all the negative energy flowing towards CS and LT in particular.

  7. Kasper schreef:

    As the former tech team coordinator I happen to know quite a lot how Casey manages his business in the past: keeping the final word for himself, proxy politics, smooth talk…
    The present doesn’t diverge a lot from that.

    The negative energy might be around, but it’s not there without a reason, and I think it’s just a reaction on the lack of energy, and the negative energy that was sent back at me and other people. (I think no communication is very negative as well.)

    I (and other volunteers) have spent an amazing amount of time (and money) on CS, just to be spit me out in the lowest possible way… I have seen no effort from the LT side to soothe this situation…

  8. Diederik schreef:

    Quite interesting. If I check your profile on Couchsurfing ( you state there that you BeVolunteer.

    I really like that, but why-o-why are you still barfing at CS and Casey / Jim in particular? Get over with it. If you feel a lack of energy fromout CS/LT, why try to destroy it, by stating things that are sometimes simply not true?

  9. Kasper schreef:

    I feel deeply betrayed by Casey, Jim and TTT. And even without that, it’s my full right to write whatever I want.

    Also, I think the stuff I have written is more true than the average stuff written by the CSLT (even though they don’t write so much in public).

  10. Diederik schreef:

    You have all the right you want, like other groups and persons have the same right. Still, I’m quite amazed on the fact that you were first “with” CS (TT-Leader), but now just want to destroy it.

    Again: I think it is far better for CS and for your own person (too much stress mate!) if CS and Kasper just leave eachother alone. CS has no advantage with this hate, and Kasper neither.

    That said, I think that this might be my last comment on this blogpost. I have far better things to do.

  11. Kasper schreef:

    I don’t want to destroy CS, nor its LT. Here’s a relevant quote from Pickwick:

    “Since a management style has been established that sidelines criticism by applying naked power unchecked, change will only occur if and when there is a sense of real crisis. I would have preferred it to be an internal crisis, brought on by a ‘rebellion’ here, about censorship or communication, rather than something that puts volunteers in a Thai jail, or leaves surfers stranded all over the globe should the site go down (again).”

  12. daz schreef:

    Diederik couchsurfing is about knowing people . It would be a good idea to meet kasper and the other .And also really go though 100’s of posts on the google groups ,and other groups to draw a conclusion about “destroying cs”.

    Drawing conclusions after listening to one side usually leads to this deduction. Ps I do not know either side but I know what what is happening because I follow all the posts on all the groups.

    Do not let working on couchsurfing make the logical deductions go haywire. It is ok to make decuctions after looking deep into the post and silence on both sides. Also it would be a good idea to talk to your friend who were at the collective and get some clarity on the situation .

  13. Diederik schreef:

    I will surely do that, and I like your attitude.

    Although I’m not sure if I’m ready to strawl through thousands and thousands of posts, I will try to “catch” the OCS-spirit.

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