Food, vouching and more

While hungry (hell, I’m starving), I’m happy to sit on my chair, and typing this blogpost. My life is currently changing a lot, which involves Couchsurfing, the Couchsurfing techteam, exim (and mail in total), work, food, becoming a teacher and more.

Yesterday we had our last meeting at the Consul for now. The Consul is our regular pub, which we use to hang out with Couchsurfing Rotterdam. All our hosts and surfers will come (most of the time actually) on tuesday.
The Consul,  however, has had it best time. The music is loud, and the bartender is…. Quite unfriendly 😉 (we do deliver Euro’s, you know ;))

The second thing we are enthousiast about is  our third vouch (YAY!). As you may, or may not, know: vouching is a security-system in Couchsurfing. Basically, it is a trust-thing. If you trust me, and I trust an other person, you can be 99% sure that the other person can be trusted too.
Vouching is a step further from the profiling system however. An profile is an good or bad opinion on an person. 95% of the profiles are positive, or very positive. Vouching means that you have seen the person in life, and that you “vouch” for him. You know for sure that you trust this person. In Dutch, vouching means “voor iemand instaan”. With the first vote from Walter, the second from Tiina (thanks girl!!), we got the third one from Gerard this morning. This means that we can vouch for other persons.

More on couchsurfing later. Now, I really need to get some food, and prepare for school. Economics this evening, yay (not ;))

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  1. Kasper Souren schreef:

    Unfortunately you cannot pull back your vouch if you stop trusting someone. I have vouched for someone about whom I later heard bad things. The guy has 8 vouches or so. Another guy, in India, has many vouches as well, but from what I heard from people he’s definitely not trustworthy.

    The vouching system on CS was worth a try, but my guess is that a serious analysis would show that it’s actually not and that it would be better to ditch it.

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