In English

To improve my English, and to have my blog entertainable (?) for more then just Dutch people, I’m thinking to switch to English.

At this moment, my life seems to change quite drastically.  My signing off at my current employer makes this happen: I really need to think about “what to do” at this point. Having the tests from 123test done, it seems that I can go three ways, in one way to another:

  • Becoming an accountmanager. This is one of the functions I previously had at Netnation. I really liked this one, but has the disadvantage that this is a commercial function. So no not-for-profit;
  • Becoming a teacher. All lights are on green for this one. The local “Zadkine College” has some vacancies for new teachers, and  my own university (Hogeschool Rotterdam) is quite fond of the idea that I might become a teacher. Advantage: not-for-profit, and something *REALLY* new. Disadvantage: all the kiddies wanting to get you down. And probably the most drastic one;
  • Becoming an entrepeneur (again). With the contacts I have with customers this is one of the options still standing. Also quite drastic, but maybe not that drastic if combined with becoming a teacher.

I’m really rethinking of the pros and cons on all of three. If you have any idea’s on this post, please comment it. I really like to get some feedback at the moment 🙂

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